BABE WITH THE POWER SESSIONS: Meet Victoria Flores of Lux Beauty Club

CBD & Pleasure? We’ve got you covered. Victoria Flores, Co-Founder of Lux Beauty Club, joins Lovability Co-Owner and WaterSlyde inventor Maureen Pollack for our inaugural Babe With the Power Sessions. These two boss babes discuss all things fempreneurism, CBD, self-care, and breaking stigmas in the industry.

Seasoned business woman Victoria has a long lineage of dominating her fields, with her most recent venture being CBD-infused beauty products. With a heavy ethos in quality, she explains  the importance of Lux Beauty Club using high quality ingredients, being familiar with your supply chain, and being Made-In-The-USA.

Using this “Farm to Home” strategy, every stage of Lux Beauty Clubs products ensures you get the best effects that beauty + CBD can offer! We honor this heavily at Lovability, as we pride ourselves in being high-quality-AF when it comes to our care.

Going into the science of CBD, Victoria explains how CBD works with your body, including the its effects on your skin. With bath bombs to soothe your body and facial moisturizers to calm your tense muscles, can you really go wrong? Lux Beauty Club & Lovability have your pleasure covered from head to toe. Grab your WaterSlyde, throw in a Zen Bath Bomb, and give yourself the ultimate bath pleasure experience.

“Take a breath, and chill the F out”

– victoria Flores, Lux Beauty Club

Just as Maureen has faced stigma as a woman in the sexual health field, Victoria shares her experience in the booming but traditionally male-dominated CBD business. With strength, perseverance, and kick-ass drive, Maureen and Victoria remind us that we boss babes can make anything happen and it’s important that we support each other in our ventures.

We hope you enjoyed what we hope is the first of many episodes of Babe With The Power Sessions. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and stay tuned for our giveaway with Lux Beauty Club via our instagram, @lovabilityinc.

About Babe With The Power Sessions

Babe With The Power (BWTP) Sessions is a vlog that showcases and promotes amazing women who are pushing boundaries, breaking stigmas, and challenging existing norms. Hosted by Maureen Pollack, Co-Owner of Lovability and Inventor of The WaterSlyde, BWTP Sessions explores their incredible journeys and lessons learned to inspire each of us to live life to its fullest. At Lovability, we believe EVERYONE has their own superpower. What’s yours?

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