Babe With The Power Sessions #5: Meet Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, The IG-Fabulous OB-GYN

Lovability’s Maureen Pollack speaks with her OB-GYN, the incomparable Dr. Shieva Ghofrany. Everyone needs someone to believe in them when they’re trying to realize her dreams and challenge the status quo. For Maureen, that person was Dr. Ghofrany. She encouraged Maureen to follow her passion and create The WaterSlyde! The rest is magic 💦⁠ and oh are we grateful for her.

Here’s a little peek at the range of topics these two groundbreakers discuss:

  • Shieva’s personal journey…her path to becoming an OB-GYN, being a mom of three, and struggling with her health, including ovarian cancer at 46
  • Her work helping companies understand (and hopefully detect) ovarian cancer
  • Co-founding A Tribe Called V, an online platform on pregnancy gynecology
  • How best to clean your vulva (without impacting your microbiome down there)
  • The benefits of water for hygiene and pleasure
  • The many factors that impact a woman’s libido (fyi – it takes more than just a little blue pill)
  • And more 🙂

Dr. Ghofrany’s mission in all her work is “to increase your knowledge and decrease your anxiety” when it comes to your female health — and having lots of fun in the process. She’s a total Babe With The Power!

To watch the full interview, click HERE.

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany is on Instagram @biglovefiercejuju
Dr. Shieva Ghofrany

To follow Dr. Ghofrany on social, check her out @biglovefiercejuju on Instagram. She chats openly about “all things female”, focusing mostly on “increasing women’s knowledge to help decrease their anxiety”.

About Babe With The Power Sessions

Babe With The Power (BWTP) Sessions is a vlog that showcases and promotes amazing women who are pushing boundaries, breaking stigmas, and challenging existing norms. Hosted by Maureen Pollack, Co-Owner of Lovability and Inventor of The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulatorBWTP Sessions explores their incredible journeys and lessons learned to inspire each of us to live life to its fullest. At Lovability, we believe EVERYONE has their own superpower. What’s yours?

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