Babe With The Power Sessions #3: Vulva-Owner Buck Angel Speaks Out

Lovability’s Maureen Pollack speaks with the incomparable Buck Angel in a Babe With The Power Sessions interview you don’t want to miss! Pride, transitioning, care-down-there, trans-inclusive sex toys…and so much more!

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Who Is Buck Angel?

Buck Angel is one of the most famous transgender men in the world. He built upon his personal female-to-male transition experience and award-winning time in adult entertainment to become an important global activist, educator, and entrepreneur for the LGBTQIA+ community. His message of empowerment through self-acceptance, and his mission to encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin – whatever that means to them, strikes a passionate chord globally.

His Transitioning Journey

Born female in 1962, Buck never felt female. He struggled until he had the life-changing opportunity to transition from female to male and, finally, to live authentically.  He faced many obstacles during his transition, mostly due to the lack of information regarding transitioning for FTM transexuals. With the help of compassionate doctors, he lives his truth and now seeks to educate the world with his story. He seeks to inspire people to redefine gender and to foster a new generation as they discover the fluidity of sexuality and navigate gender politics.

I was born biologically female. I use testosterone to masculinize myself so I feel more like me. I had a legal sex change and now live as a male. All male pronouns. I am a transsexual and will never be biologically male. But I do live as a male. Simple.

Buck Angel

His message – ”it’s not what’s between your legs that defines you” – has sparked conversations and opened minds to the important message that gender is what you say it is for you, and self-acceptance is not only what makes a person happy, it’s how others understand you.

A Man of Many Talents

Buck has made appearances on a litany of television programs, and he’s been written about in major publications around the world. He has created and been the subject of numerous film and video projects both in the mainstream and adult film industry. In 2016, Buck produced the first pleasure product – Buck Off – specifically for the male transgender community as a means to re-imagine trans male sexuality. In 2017, Buck created T-Lube in partnership with Sliquid, the first lubrication directly targeting trans male vaginal health. He has even co-founded a cannabis company.

Today, Buck travels the world spreading his message of self-love, compassion, and exploring how to live authentically in your own body.

For more information on Buck Angel, Buck Angel Entertainment, and their projects, go to or to IG, FB, and Twitter.

About Babe With The Power Sessions

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