Hi! We created Babe With The Power to provide a space for women, girls and femmes to talk openly about sex, sexual health, sexuality, the issues of today – and as a place to provide education, resources and guidance. There is A LOT of miscommunication out there. Less is being taught or discussed when it comes to a women’s sexual desires, needs and wants – heck, even the basics are overlooked! We also want to celebrate and tell the stories of the countless women who are making a difference every day through their actions, work and advocacy – those awesome Power Babes!  

We’re calling it Babe With The Power because we want to inspire you to Celebrate and Own YOUR POWER. We’re all unique, we all have our own special powers, we can all make a difference — and we should all feel free and comfortable to show the world who we are.

We have an awesome group of women (and yes, men) here at Lovability who are working to develop Babe With The Power in to a broader lifestyle platform as part of our mission to empower women to take charge of their sexual health and wellness.

We also want YOU to help us shape this community. So drop us a line (hello@lovabilityinc.com), send us a gram (@lovabilityinc), or reach out with however you think with how we can help, who and what we should be talking about or anything else you’d like to share…and we’ll do all we can to make that happen.