The Future Really is Female: 8 Women in Politics to Watch

I honestly can’t believe it either. It’s the year 20-fricken-20 and the land of the free, home of the brave, so-called nation of opportunity has yet to see a woman president. Not only that, but the man who was somehow elected into office seems to blatantly disrespect every woman he encounters, and has encouraged policies that threaten our human rights. In this conflict, we need a pretty strong counter attack, and that’s exactly what female politicians at the local, state and federal level have given us. 

Luckily, we have these women in politics to watch (as well as others that we wish we could’ve listed too.) What’s amazing about these women is that they’re changing the perception of what politicians look like and stand for. From women of color, to refugees, to youth, these women show that the political world isn’t just for old, white men anymore. To make it even better, these women fight for issues that are hugely important for women (like reproductive rights, equal pay, family leave, healthcare and more!) 

Without further ado, here are 8 our favorite kick-ass prominent and emerging women in politics to watch.

1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Nearly everyone has heard about this New York waitress / bartender turned political icon. She is the youngest woman and the first female democratic socialist the United States Congress has ever seen. Not only that, but she’s giving Trump and other oppressive jerks a run for their money.

She’s known for her use of social media, through which she makes political information accessible for young people, those without a formal education or really anyone with a smartphone. She’s also known for sponsoring policy proposals this country’s never seen, such as the Green New Deal and the Just Society Acts.

This year, AOC is running for re-election to represent NY-14 in Congress. 

2. Ayanna Pressley

A black woman from Massachusetts who’s making waves (representing the district I happen to live in)!? Sign me up!

More than loudly disproving of Trump’s policies and actions, Pressley is regarded for her dedication to the #MeToo Movement, as a victim of sexual assault herself. She recently opened up about developing Alopecia and the hair loss she’s experienced, which can be a common issue for black women who wear protective styles. I’m just stoked to have a representative who represents me!

This year, Pressley is running for re-election to represent Massachusetts’ 7th district in Congress. 

3. Letitia James 

Another politician out of the most populated city in the US (New York), attorney general Letitia James is a name to know! She is the first woman AND the first black person to take on this role. In her short time she’s already taken on cases against the NRA, opioid manufacturers and Donald Trump’s bank account. 

4. Gretchen Whitmer

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Via Twitter @GovWhitmer

Michigan’s killing it (it’s the 6th-best state for women in office) with cool women in important positions, and Whitmer is the Governor. She’s a moderate, tackling issues as local as fixing the roads and as universal as access to Planned Parenthood services. What’s even more impressive, she’s one of only 10 women serving as a governor in the US this year. She wants Dems to stay focused on the issues rather than getting distracted talking shit about the guy in the Oval Office.

5. Ilhan Omar

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Via the Daily Beast, Elizabeth Brockway

A former refugee from Somalia, Ilhan Omar is now one of the biggest name politicians coming from Minnesota. We LOVE to see that representation! Even before being elected, her campaign managed to increase local voter turnout by 37% (she’s clearly a fan favorite). She’s known for taking Trump’s “muslim ban” to bat, and trying to get United States military forces OUT of Yemen. She wants ICE gone, and DACA to stay.

This year, Omar is running for re-election to represent Minnesota’s 5th district in Congress. 

6. Cassandra Levesque

Levesque is a standout name because she was elected to New Hampshire’s House of Representatives at ONLY 19 YEARS OLD. She’s taking politics by storm, and taking college classes online while doing it. She made her political debut while enrolled in her local Girl Scouts division by helping to draft a bill explictly banning child marriage in her state.

“So many women are discouraged from [running for office] because over the years it’s always been particularly white males who have been [involved in] the political world,” she says. “I think that now it’s becoming very diverse. There are so many women stepping up, [including] women of color and women who are young. I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

Cassandra Levesque

7. Rashida Tlaib 

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This Palestinian-American, Michigan congresswoman made history by becoming one of the first two muslim women in Congress (along with Ilhan Omar.) She couldn’t be prouder of her culture, she even wore a traditional Palestinian thobe when being sworn in #TweetYourThobe. She wants medicare for all, an increased minimum wage, and to reverse the effects of voter suppression.

This year, Tlaib is running for re-election to represent Michigan’s 13th district in Congress. 

8. Peggy Flanagan

Minnesota Lt. Governor Flanagan with Governor Tim Walz, Via @mngovernor

Lt. Governor of Minnesota, Peggy Flanagan, is a Native American woman who is all about representation. The state is home to 12 different American Indian tribes, and Flanagan’s the first Native American woman to hold the seat she sits in. Her identity provides her a unique perspective on the concept of immigration as a whole, a hot button issue that could certainly use Native guidance. 

And those are just a few women in politics to watch (and are already making waves)! Thankfully, there are many many more women in these positions, and there’s room for many many more in the future. Many of the ladies on our list were elected in 2018, which was dubbed the “Year of the Woman” after a record number of women got voted into office. Hopefully, that record will continue to be shattered in the years to come! Let us know below if we missed your favorite dope female leader!

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