7 Things That Changed Since Becoming A Woman


While scrolling through the deep web of Reddit, we stumbled across the musings of an anonymous woman who had transitioned from a male to a woman two years earlier. She shared her unique experience of 7 things that changed since becoming a woman, especially how people treated her differently.

For us identifying womxn at Lovability who were born with a vulva, we can attest to each and every one of her experiences – both good and bad. Hearing it from a person who experienced them as both a man and a woman…well….it’s an eye opener, and confirmation of some of the things you hear about and frankly feel!

Here’s what she wrote…

Everyone loves a smile – as long as you feel comfortable and safe.

Shouldn’t we all just make an effort to be kind(er) and hold more doors for others – regardless of who they are?

Being fearful for one’s safety is REAL AF, amiright?

Fighting for your voice is def a battle. Let’s all vow to make a conscious effort to support women when they speak. That means stop effin’ interrupting woman when they speak.

Yup, let’s #SupportFemaleComics.

I wonder how many times men find the need to “block” womxn on social media??? Thinking it’s not quite as often.

Boundaries are crossed all too often. Please don’t touch someone unless they want you to.

For the people who say women are making these experiences up, please take a moment and ask yourself what you really believe. After hearing this woman’s perspective from being in both worlds, we can see it is, in fact, truth.

We admire this woman’s anonymous insightful post on Reddit.  If you’re she and feel comfortable speaking with us, we’d LOVE to do a follow up story with you. : )

Can you think of other experiences and interactions that happen to women because of their gender? Let us know in the comments section below or send us a note here and we might include you in the follow up!


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